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Our Venues

If you have been to Lit Fest previously you may have seen some of our wonderful venues and this year is no exception.

We owe many thanks to the lovely people who have given over their gardens and drawing rooms, the wonderful Michael at Greyhounds, pictured above, as well as Matthew Freud for allowing us to use the Lenthall Chapel for our closing poetry event - always an absolute joy - and our new friends at BULL Burford who have given us the opportunity to use The Coach House.

So after you have booked your tickets for Burford Lit Fest why not take a look at all the wonderful things Burford has to offer you from the finest linen sheets to the best Negroni and so much more.


BULL A Coaching Inn

Join the conversation.

See you next week.

Kim, Creative Director, Burford Lit Fest, (slightly stressed and in need of a Negroni)

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