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Here we go!

Tomorrow see the commencement of Burford Lit Fest 2023. We start at Burford Primary School, taking authors to the readers of tomorrow then kick off with Torie True and her divine cooking!

The planning started in January and it is the culmination of hundreds of emails, many boxes of books, more late nights than I care to think about and a great deal of care and attention - from the planning of which authors to invite to choosing our beautiful bespoke venues to buying the wine - every moment is planned with love and precision.

Tonight, as I sit in my kitchen, I know that we have done everything we can to make Burford Lit Fest perfect but there will be curve balls, there always are in any event, please be patient, please be kind and please sit back and please enjoy!

I want to give a shout out to my wing woman, Sarah - always there when I need her and the man at my side, Andrew, who never fails to bring calm to my creative whirlwind! To Sanday for strawberry tarts and those around the bookshop who reassure me all will be well.

I raise a glass to all who have bought tickets and if you have not yet got your tickets there are events with room for you so click here and join the conversation.


Creative Director, slightly stressed and in need of a long bath and a third glass of red!

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