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Is your breakfast worth getting up for?

Established food writer and cookery teacher Tori True will open this years Burford Lit Fest.

Join us for an intoxicating journey full of chatter, sample bowls and treats as Torie introduces us to Indian home cooking from a British kitchen.

Chilli and Mint will be an instant favourite for anyone interested in food and spice (but not necessarily spicy food!) or the intricacies of Indian home cooking. Written by an established food writer and cookery teacher, this beautiful cookbook contains over 100 recipes to bring a little more spice into your culinary repertoire. By following Torie’s accessible step-by-step recipes, anyone can explore the everyday delights of India’s wonderfully diverse cuisine at home from breakfasts worth getting up for, comforting dals and punchy chutneys to sweet treats, staple Indian breads and blends of spice.

Tickets are £12 and include a glass of wine to go Tori's incredible cooking!

Tickets are limited.

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