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Which authors should you see?

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

What a perfectly splendid time I had yesterday as a guest on The Culture Show at Cotswold Radio. A massive thank you to Fiona and Cathy for inviting me onto their fabulous show to talk about the Lit Fest and all things bookish.

One of the topics we talked about was the dichotomy of when booking tickets for a lit fest event do you

read the book then go see the author


go see the author and then read the book

It's a little like the jam then cream or cream then jam dilemma, there is no right or wrong answer and the end result is they are both fabulous and we will have plenty of signed copies of all the books for you to devour with whichever delicacy you wish.

For those of you who might be unsure which events to book for, my suggestion is to get yourself a coffee, open the lit fest website and read more about each of our authors. Think about the books you read and the subjects you are interested in; if biography is your bag then you must see Hermione Lee and Fiona Sampson; if you want to get up close and personal with politics then we have incredible journalists Sathnam Sanghera, Mary Anne Sieghart and Madelaine Bunting.

From philosophy to nature and motherhood to Maurice the Moose, whatever your age, whatever your interests, there is something for everybody at Burford Lit Fest.

If you are still not sure or want to live on the literary edge why not go rogue and book a couple of events with authors that would not normally appear on your bookshelf!

Or pop in or drop me a line and I am very happy to chat and advise.

Whatever your day holds I wish you a happy Sunday lit lovers, go grab that coffee, peruse and book your tickets.

....just for the record I always choose butter, jam, then cream but then I always like my cake and eat it too!

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