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The Finder Mysteries by Simon Mason

Crime writer Simon Mason will be at Burford Lit Fest, famed for his DI Ryan Wilkins mysteries set amongst the town and gown of Oxford we are delighted that Simon will be speaking to us about his new 'Finder' series,

“When Georges Simenon persuaded his publisher to take on the Maigret novels, it was on condition that he would have several titles to launch. Simenon thought a book should be read in a single sitting, leaving a reader wanting more. The first two books in the series are perfect novellas.’

Simon Mason has taken to heart Simenon’s wisdom and is therefore launching the Finder Mysteries

with two unforgettable, haunting titles.

The Finder is an outsider. He investigates places where he knows no-one, armed only with implacable patience, understanding, and ruthlessness in search of the truth. He immerses himself in the lives of the missing people he is searching for, as if in pursuit of dangerous criminals.

Saturday 28th September


Tickets released soon.

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