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Encourage your Herpetologist

Mark O’Shea MBE is an herpetologist with four decades experience working with venomous snakes from all around the world, in captivity and in nature and is a passionate advocate for reptile and amphibian conservation.

With field experience on every continent except Antarctica, stretching back to the early 1980s. His specialist field is the snakes of New Guinea and Wallacea (including Timor-Leste), although he has considerable experience with Latin American, African and Asian herpetofaunas. He has conducted field experience across the globe and was the herpetologist on the Royal Geographical Society "Maracá Rainforest Project" for seven months in the Territory of Roraima, northern Brazil during , and a member of the Scientific Directing Staff for Operation Raleigh, Raleigh Executive and Discovery Expeditions, from 1985-1986 and 1989-1992.

We re delighted that Mark is bringing his incredible expertise and knowledge to Burford Lit Fest. This talk is perfect for anybody interested not only in snakes but conservation.

Tickets are limited so buy yours today. We are a not for profit Literary Festival so most tickets are £7 - join the conversation.

(Expert Mark O'Shea MBS milking a Russell’s viper for antivenom production in Yangon, Myanmar)

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