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The Secret of Flowers by Sally Page

Sally Page is the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Keeper of Stories and The Book of Beginnings. Her books have sold over 700k copies in the UK and have been translated into 29 languages. Her latest novel, The Secrets of Flowers is being released by Harper Collins later this year. Sally lives in Dorset. Her eldest daughter, Alex, is a doctor and her youngest daughter is the author Libby Page.

The Secrets of Flowers is a floral story of recovery and discovery. A year on from the death of her husband, Emma is trying to make sense of her loss, and she decides to take a new job in a garden centre as a trainee florist. There, she is persuaded by the owners, Betty and Les, to attend a talk Les is giving on the Titanic. As a result of this Emma becomes intrigued by whether there were flowers on board and if so, who was the florist. Her subsequent investigation draws in many others who help her, and not only does she discover that the Titanic was, ‘a ship full of flowers’, but she finds her way to a new life. In the course of her research Emma experiences a feeling of connection with a stewardess on board, but she cannot

understand why…

The Secret of Flowers

Sally Page

Sunday 29th September


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