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The One-Day Box: A Life Changing Love of Home by Flora Soames

We are delighted to welcome Flora Soames to our line-up for Burford Lit Fest 2024.

The One-Day box is part scrapbook, part story about her love of home and where her slightly out-of-control collecting habit has led her over the years. It includes the people and places that have shaped her: her architecturally prominent house in the Cotswolds, her parents’ and their home in Norfolk where she grew up; her grandmothers and their homes and eclectic approach to decorating; the houses she has lived in in Dorset; and the homes of some of her clients.

With stunning photography by leading British photographers including Simon Upton and Bill Batten, it is also the story of her fabric and wallpaper collection - of the inspiration behind it, and how it continues to evolve. A deeply personal account, it explores the desire many of us share to collect things that mean something to us, and the deeply soulful and anchoring process of arranging and living with those things to make us feel at home at different stages in our lives. At its heart, The One Day Box is a celebration of the human experience that lies therein.

Saturday 28th September


Tickets on sale soon.

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