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Short-listed For Wales Book of the Year

I first met author Fiona Sampson on a dark dismal night in my local pub about 10 years ago and the first thing that stuck me about her was her ability to absorb and respond to the conversation in such a warm and considered way that one knew one was in the company of a great intellectual mind mixed with both creativity and humility.

Since that day Fiona has continued to publish award winning and critically acclaimed books including In Search of Mary Shelley, published for the 200th anniversary of the publication of Frankenstein and more recently Two-Way Mirror: The Life of Elizabeth Barrett-Browning, a beautifully constructed biography of the Victorian English poet.

Today, we are delighted to congratulate Fiona. Her book, Come Down, has been shortlisted in the poetry category for The Wales Book of the Year Award, an annual prize celebrating outstanding literary talent from Wales across many genres and in both English and Welsh and we wish her the very best of luck.

We are thrilled to welcome Fiona to Burford Lit Fest to talk about her biographies and an evening of poetry with Sue Leigh and Kate Kennedy.

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