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How To Achieve Prosperity For All

Martin Sandbu is the Financial Times's European Economics Commentator. He also writes Free Lunch, the FT's weekly newsletter on the global economic policy debate. He has been writing for the FT since 2009, when he joined the paper as Economics Leader Writer.

Before joining the FT, he worked in academia and policy consulting. He has taught and carried out research at Harvard, Columbia and the Wharton School, and has advised governments and NGOs on natural resources and economic development. He is the author of three books, on business ethics, the euro, and on "the economics of belonging". He was educated at the universities of Oxford and Harvard.

If now is not the time for a radical economic re-think and a consideration for those 'left behind' when will it be time?

The subtitle of The Economics of Belonging calls a “radical plan to win back the left behind”, those abandoned as economic jetsam by the rising tide of globalisation and technological change. Those whose earnings have stagnated, who hold precarious jobs, live in towns scarred by austerity — they are the Unbelongers.

The Economics of Belonging argues that we should step back and take a fresh look at the root causes of our current challenges. In this original, engaging book, Martin Sandbu argues that economics remains at the heart of our widening inequality and it is only by focusing on the right policies that we can address it.

This event will have limited tickets to allow for an engaging conversation with the author.

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