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Feel Whole Again

After 18 months of connecting via a screen we are delighted to be bringing over 40 authors, in person, to the beautiful historic town of Burford for the inaugural Burford Literary Festival.

What better way to feel whole gain, to fill the void, to come together and eat, breath and talk all things literary with some of the finest literary thinkers and experts writing today.

Burford Lit Fest is not just about listening to our wonderful authors - well it is mainly about that because a life with books is always a better life - it is also about showcasing our beautiful surroundings, bringing people to Burford and back to the High Street, back to the joy of browsing indie shops with an indie coffee in your hand, back to enjoying good company with good food.

Quite frankly, Burford has it all. Great shopping, great hospitality and a wonderful history to explore - hell we even have elephants - OK that is a lie - we don't have elephants, unless you count the one's in the Stone Gallery window but we do have Penguins and Giraffes - Cotswold Wildlife Park is just down the road!

So book your tickets and if you need one, book a bed - we look forward to seeing you in September.

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