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Sue Leigh

Sunday 24th - 1800

The Lenthall Chapel, The Priory, Burford

Sue Leigh is a poet and writer who lives in the valley of the Windrush in Oxfordshire. Her second collection of poems, Her Orchards, was published by Two Rivers Press in 2021 and a pamphlet, Chalk, by Evergreen Press in 2022. She has recently been working on a book with the Cornish painter Alice Mumford, which is due out this September. Sue teaches at Rewley House, Oxford University’s Department for Continuing Education, and also runs her own poetry courses.

‘I cannot say where poems come from except from noticing, paying attention, a kind of intense listening. It is difficult to talk about process. In the end there are the poems and they must speak for themselves.’

Sue will be reading from new work and there will also be a conversation with the novelist, Anne Youngson. The two writers will discuss some aspects of Sue’s work, including her interest in painting and the importance of place.

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