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Emma Crawforth

Saturday 23rd - 1000

Greening Room Warwick Hall

Emma Crawforth trained as a gardener then worked in public gardens before starting the Horticultural Diploma at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. There she developed a love of communicating about the wonders of plants and applied for gardening journalism roles. She is the Gardening Editor of BBC Gardeners’ World Magazine.

We all have a relationship with plants; members of a vast kingdom of organisms, consisting of 390,900 species at the last count. That relationship varies from person to person, according to knowledge and experience, but everyone shares a reliance on plants, and now, more essential than ever, to save us from the terrible dangers posed by climate change. Things to do with Plants offers a guide to the ways in which plants enhance our daily lives, from the essential functions of making our planet habitable, through meeting basic needs, such as food and clothing, to inspiring our creativity. Emma Crawforth explores the way in which plants are used and explains how their extraordinary properties make them perfect for the job. Each of the 50 ‘things’ offers a different activity or insight into how we can interact with plants, be it from making perfumes, basket weaving, or making tea, to reducing noise, improving office productivity, supporting garden wildlife or building a den. From global to community, and to individual, there are a huge range of topics and activities included.
(photo credit BBC Gardeners’ World magazine, Sarah Cuttle)

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