Tamsin Calidas

Saturday 25th - 11.30

Greening Room @ Warwick Hall

Tamsin Calidas is a writer and photographer living in the wilds of the Scottish Hebrides.

She graduated from Oxford University in 1992 with a BA Hons and worked in various roles in advertising, publishing and the BBC before giving it all up in 2004 to move from Notting Hill to a tiny, remote island in Scotland to run a derelict croft with sheep and horses.

Her memoir I AM AN ISLAND (Doubleday) is a beautiful exploration of the challenges we all face. When the modern world with its anxiety, stresses and unrelenting pace brings us to question what we are doing and how we are living, this book shows us what is possible to bring to our own everday existence, wherever we are living. Tamsin writes about a woman’s place in a male-dominated space and the incredible ability of the natural world to provide when everything else has been taken away. I AM AN ISLAND is a Sunday Times Bestseller and Vogue called it ‘the memoir of the year’.