Roger Vlitos

Saturday 24th - 13.15


When the Hon. Gavin Henderson was made the 2nd Lord Faringdon in 1934, he became one of the wealthiest men in Britain. By the time he passed away in 1977 he had given away most of his inheritance to what he considered to be good causes. However, his reputation as a philanthropist was overshadowed by free-spirited events in his youth (such as "setting the Thames on fire") his left-wing politics, and rumours about his discreet personal life. This biography is based upon the hitherto unpublished papers, diaries and letters that have survived in his former home at Buscot Park. It aims to set the record straight about a man who was often wilfully misunderstood, and whose many achievements suggest that he was born ahead of his time.

Roger Vlitos is a curator, archivist, photographer, lecturer and writer based in Oxfordshire, England.   He has delivered many illustrated lectures on Art and historical subjects, authors and artists, at Bath University, Marlborough College, the University of the 3rd Age,  literary festivals, and in the theatre at Buscot Park, where he has worked since 2013.  Previously he worked as a freelance photographer, which led to his work being published widely.  He was also a part-time lecturer on photography at New College, and Swindon colleges.  His research in the archives of Buscot Park, as well as Lord Berners’ former home Faringdon House, resulted in the discovery of unseen letters, sketches and cartoons by Sir John Betjeman, as well as in Roger's long-term project of writing a biography of that eccentric peer's friend and neighbour Gavin Henderson, the 2nd Lord Faringdon.  Recent Photographic work has concentrated on the collection and gardens at Buscot Park,  recording the work of Sally Strachey Conservation, and wildlife photography shot near his home in rural Oxfordshire.