Lesley Thompson

Satuday 24th - 14.30


One of our favourite Crime authors is returning to BLF after making her debut in 2021 with fellow crime writers Mick Heron and Elly Grithiths. We are delighted to welcome Lesley back to Burford where she will be talking about her latest novel, The Companion.

The Man on Hackpen Hill: It isn’t unusual for crop circles to appear overnight on Hackpen Hill. In this part of Wiltshire, where golden wheat fields stretch for miles, the locals have got used to discovering strange mathematical patterns stamped into the earth.
But this time, it’s different. Not only because this particular design of dramatic spiralling hexagons has never been seen before. But because of the dead body positioned precisely in the centre of the circle. DI Silas Hart, of Swindon Police, is at a loss. Timothy Mew, aged twenty five answers an advert in Cuckoo’s Nest, an organisation matching younger people with little financial means to live cheaply with an older person in return for shopping and company. Rex Lomax is seventy and lonely. At first he welcomes Timothy into his home, an apartment in a grand country mansion, Blacklock House, in the Sussex countryside. But when there are several murders nearby and the police announce they are hunting a serial killer, Rex becomes uneasy and mistrustful. DI Toni Kemp, of Sussex police, must unravel a case which has shocked the county to its core. In late summer sunshine, the idyllic setting, fountain on a rolling lawn, peacocks screaming into the bushes and a summer house are all wrought with threat. Seven long-term residents have seen more than they should. But this is a community who are good at keeping secrets…