Ken Worpole

Sunday 26th - 12.00

Highway Inn

Ken Worpole has written and published extensively on architecture, landscape and public policy, and his many books include two collaborations with photographer Jason Orton on the social history and landscape of coastal Essex: 350 Miles (2005) & The New English Landscape (2013). His most recent publications include New Jerusalem: The Good City and the Good Society (Swedenborg Society 2017), and No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen: back to the land in wartime Britain (Little Toller Books 2021).

For some years he has been researching the relationship between religious and political non-conformism and alternative forms of settlement and land-holding in rural and coastal England. As a result, his new book, No Matter How Many Skies Have Fallen, recounts the story of a group of radical Christian pacifists who created a successful communal settlement at Frating in Essex between 1943 and 1954, inspired not only by Tolstoy and D.H.Lawrence, but by radical theology. This book is a combination of oral history, photographs, letters and diary extracts which were shared with him by those who grew up at Frating.

A founder member of the think-tank Demos, and of OpenDemocracy, he was described by The Independent as ‘one of the shrewdest and sharpest observers of the English social landscape.’ He has lived in Hackney since the late 1960s with his wife, the photographer Larraine Worpole, and blogs regularly at: