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Helena Dove

Sunday 24th - 1400


Helena Dove is an experienced Kitchen Gardener, currently based at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Here she manages an organically run Kitchen Garden with a wide variety of fruit and vegetables. Previously managing the historic Edwardian Kitchen Garden at Myddelton House Gardens in Enfield, she has a passion for heritage and interesting crops.

Kew expert Helena Dove expertly combines horticulture and science in this essential reference on food crops: which part of the plant are we harvesting, how are plants adapted and how does this effect the grower? She demonstrates that by examining the botany of both wild and domesticated plants, we can understand behaviours and adaptations, giving readers and growers the tools to delve further into their favourite foods. From asparagus, cabbage, lettuce and raspberry to pineapple, tomatillo and okra, each comprehensive plant entry and includes information on etymology, cultivation history, growing habits, cultivars and varieties, and much more. With a closer look at the everyday crops we grow and eat, this book will help the reader cultivate more productive plots, provide a renewed zest for the food on our plates, and a deeper understanding to an afternoon spent at the allotment.

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